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German zoo’s ‘escaped’ animals didn’t actually escape, just hiding – visitors asked not to wander free

A widespread search was triggered by a German zoo after the false alarm was made of the escape of several animals i.e. two tigers, two lions, a bear, and a jaguar. The bear was the only animal that actually escaped the cage and had to be shot down.

The false report was unintentional when there were claims by several reports that dangerous animals were able to escape the zoo.

An unnamed local official near Lünebach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany had told earlier that two lions, two tigers, a bear and a jaguar were able to get out of Eifel Zoo due to a damage caused by a severe thunderstorm and flooding on Friday.

But Andreas Kruppert, mayor of Arzfeld, stated to reporters that the lions, tigers, and jaguar never actually left the cage. The thunderstorm and flooding caused the officials to lose the track of these animals but they later resorted to the help of aerial drones when the water had finally receded.

Only a bear was able to escape its cage after the flooding knocked down its fence, the bear was found in a pathway of the public zoo, causing panic, and there was no other option except to shoot it down. ‘We’re very happy that the scenario we had initially feared didn’t turn out to be the case,’ the mayor said.

The locals were advised to refrain from going outside, while the authorities were on a lookout for these animals in the local area. Eifel zoo is privately owned, which houses hundreds of various species of animals in 30 hectares area.

The authorities are checking if the zoo is suitable to keep the animals, the flood left a great deal of zoo area damaged and there is a possibility that the animals could be shifted to another zoo if the damage is extensive and require a lot of repairs.


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