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Germany proposes to fine Facebook $522,000 per Fake News Item

Written by Wamiq Ali

Facebook has proved itself to be a social media giant. Every has around 2 billion monthly active users which are ever increasing because of the usefulness. Mark every time comes up with a new goal which helps Facebook achieve better, and the same goes to the engineers working at the Facebook. Recently, Facebook started to use AI to help curate a better future and better filters.

Though, AI might not be sufficient to fight with the overall spam and fake news. A lot of publishers and content distribution networks were using Fake news to bring people on their platform through Facebook. This helped them have huge traffic spikes, but recently the harm of mass fake news has been understood as it heavily changes the people/visitors opinions.

Germany considering these harms is considering to take a first step towards eradicating fake news problem from their own side. Facebook though has released many updates to fight better with fake news. Germany considers passing a bill to fine 500,000 euros to Facebook if the fake news is left untouched. This bill will allow both official and private complainants to report against the fake news. This fake news report will bind facebook to respond against it and remove it.

“If after the relevant checks Facebook does not immediately, within 24 hours, delete the offending post then [it] must reckon with severe penalties of up to 500,000 euros.” – Germany’s parliamentary chief of the Social Democrat party

Why is this hype so important? – Fake news is believed to play a very important role in modelling people views. These can also lead to potential identity theft and are a cause of spam. Germans believe that this particular step will help them stop Russians playing with them in next elections. The alleged hand of Kremlin behind the ‘Democrat National Committee’ to leak the Hilary key plans looks to be into this particular matter. Some members have even said to put criminal charges on source of fake news spread.

Hans George – Head of German intelligence party shared his views that the Facebook is earning an awful lot of money through Fake News.

This actually is also a warning for publishers and news source which don’t share things without any source check. Dude, if you are involved into any such activity, make sure your account is made of steel to not get affected.

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