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George R. R. Martin appears to be sad at what HBO has done to Games of Throne

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Games of Thrones has entered into its eight season and the fans are very much excited about its future episodes. Recently, fifth episode of the show was aired on HBO. Some fans are disappointed with the way show has progressed. The show had become a television phenomenon when it was aired on HBO for the first time in 2011. As the show has entered its eigth season, the story line about various characters has been concluded. However, the conclusion of some characters didn’t come at par with the expectations of the audience.

Recently, the writer of the A song of Ice and Fire books, George R. R. Martin also gave comments about the series. He expressed dissatisfaction regarding the direction which TV series took as compared to the novel. The show remains incredibly popular and Martin has yet to conclude things, however, despite the popularity, the fans are blaming HBO for a rushed ending.

A sharp criticism was made regarding the third episode of the show, as The Long Night featured quite a less numbers of deaths. The fans blamed that the show had lost its charm when they decided to keep the important characters alive. In an interview, Martin claimed that he was disappointed the way show took turn on the television. He claimed that on television there are several things which matter while deciding the fate of a character. Networks often give more screentime to the characters which has a good rating. He gave another interview to Fast Company in which he revealed, “You know, it’s complex. I’m a little sad, actually. I wish we had a few more seasons.”

The fans are also giving differing opinions, a few say that the controvercy level of the show has declined to a large extent. The last episode featured the end of some characters in a simple way, which fans thought was absurd.

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