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George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully rests near casket and moves the internet

Written by Logical Men

Every American knows this poignant news that George H.W. Bush no longer among us. The moment former President was laid to rest, his service dog Sully accompanied the casket. He refused to leave his friend and master alone in those moments as well. Probably for him the news was troubling, watching his master resting in peace. He was definitely among those mourning the death of the 94yo former president. This Sunday his picture was shared online and almost everyone was convinced that no doubt, dog is a best friend of humans.

The family spokesman Jim McGrath shared the picture of yellow coloured Lebrador and who resting next to the Bush’s casket. Sully, the dog, was appointed to him in June and he had received his pet from American’s VetDogs. He kept this dog as a member of the family and as a result it was beautifully trained. The dog accompanied Bush nearly everywhere and it was seen in photographs and other meetups. This dog was with Bush even in the voting booth where the former president went to caste his vote. The love between the two was just understandable and perfect.

America’s VetDogs in a statement explained the current condition of Sully. The statement read that Sully would go on with his work along with the other service dogs. It would be helping the wounder soldiers and active duty personnel at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center’s Facility Dog Program. The news of the Bush’s death was poignant and no one was ready to believe that the ex-president who had played a vital role for America was no more in this world.

The death of Bush was announced this Friday. Later on Monday his remains were flown from Ellington Field in Houston. The public can pay respect from Monday to Wednesday at the US Capitol Rotunda. 

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