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Genius Man Uses Saw Blade, Old Jon Boat as Motorized Ice Sled

Men mostly have exorbitant search for adventure. There is a famous meme which quotes this very habit of men for besetting their safety. This meme quotes “that is why men live longer than women” – for trying out stupid, thrilling stuff. This man used an old boat and motorized blade to make his own version of old school-modernized ice sled. “Old School-Modernized” ice sled is forcing you to think that the editorial staff has gone shambles, but in reality, if you watch the video and go on reading, you might join in the same thought club.

If you have an old saw blade, metal piping and a jon boat, well, you can make your version of ice sled.

The man featured in the video has proved to the internet that fulfilling one’s desires is possible with low-income levels and lesser money. The guy used some old school ingenuity combined with modernized motor engine. The result is an automated ice sled which is genius.

If this saw blade cuts the ice with exorbitant force causing it to break at large, then the boat is going to come handy in the newly emerged water – proving to be safe and fun.

Credits: Youtube-WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks

The downside is the reduced human safety due to the exposed saw blade. Now here comes the experience, if the ice sled is being driven by an experienced person then he can avoid any accident. However, if there are any kids riding then this can be harmful.

The video uploaded by “WillCFish Fishing TipsandTricks” has racked in hundreds of views. Make sure you watch the video and share your opinions on our page regarding the ingenuity.

Someone left the following praise on the video:

This would make a great rescue device. People are falling through ice all the time. The boat will float Every cold water rescue team need something like this. Great idea and it looks like a lot of fun. Thanks

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