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Genius 5-year-old boy saved his 3-year-old brother from choking to death

Written by Wamiq Ali

Oliver Bevans, the 5-year-old boy used his common sense in combination with the first aid training which he received in school to save his 3-year-old brother from a certain death. The boy is being celebrated as a hero and he himself is quite humble about what he did to his younger brother.

The family who lives near Cheadle, Staffordshire was quite lucky and thankful to the school for giving their boy a first aid training. Stanley, the 3-year-old boy ate some meatball and it got stuck which caused him to start choking. The elder brother saw him choking so the first thing he did was to hit the younger brother’s back three times in order to dislodge the stuck meatball.

The kids were staying at their grandmother’s house when this happened and she had left the room some moments before the tragedy. On her return, he told the whole story. The mum says:

I don’t think he will ever realise what he has done for his brother.

In an interview he told CNN, “He choked on a meatball and then I smacked on his back three times, the meatball came out and then he was better and then he had some Calpol and juice.”

Two boys getting interviewed by CNN

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