Gangster Escapes Prison Using Helicopter with a Dramatic Planning

A Grand Theft Auto like stunt was pulled by a French gangster, he broke out of a prison in a helicopter on Sunday.

Redoine Faïd, 46, was behind bars and was serving a 25-year sentence at a suburban Paris jail for a 2010 unsuccessful robbery in which a 26-year-old cop lost his life.

Nobody suspected such escape, three armed gunmen landed the helicopter in Réau prison courtyard. They were armed with the infamous Ak47s, they were able to disable the security installed in the jail and flew away with the French – Algerian gangster in a matter of few minutes. Fortunately, not even a single person was injured during the whole scene, according to the police officials.

To cut the trail, the helicopter was left burning and was discovered few hours later by the police officers. This is not the first time this guy has pulled a move like this. Before this he made an escape like this as well. He was able to free himself after he took 4 police officials hostage. He had used gunpowder to break out of the prison. It took the officials six weeks to track him down, he was found in the hotel near the city of Paris.

The 2010 robbery took the life of a young 26-year-old policewoman named Aurélie Fouquet, before that he spent 10 years behind bars behind bars for a series of robberies. He’d been released on parole in 2009. He is also a published author.

There are many dramatic stories of prisoners escaping through jails but this one is quite interesting. How his fellow gangsters managed to land a helicopter safely into the prison’s courtyard is quite a story which can only be spotted in films. These accomplices of French Gangster got enough time to take over the security cameras of the prison. This story is worth being taken in GTA as a mission.

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