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Gang of cows break into grocery store and eat all the vegetables, leaving behind nothing

After reading this news, one should come to realise that cows in Hong Kong are quite mischievous. The local supermarkets must remain aware in Hong Kong that even the animals are quick enough to find their benefit. According to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, as they recently published a report which acknowledged that there are around 1,100 wild cows which roam the streets of Hong Kong. The department confirmed that these cows remain in total harmony with the local residents. These cows in the streets are tolerated as long as these cows don’t interrupt traffic or feed themselves on fruit and vegetables in supermarkets.

However, earlier this month four cows didn’t follow the tacit peace agreement as they entered a supermarket and ate the last remains of the vegetables. The local newspaper reported that a group of cows entered the Fusion grocery store in Mui Wo at around 8 pm. These cows headed straight towards the vegetables and fruit counters. The cows were sensible enough to treat themselves with the fresh fruit and vegetables, it was like an open feast for the cows. A video was posted on the social media which showed the cows entering and enjoying the fruits. Later, the staff and other employees of the store somehow managed to take the cows out of the store.

The district councillor was approached in this matter, Andy Wong said that there were around thirty wild cows in Mui Wo but this was apparently the first time when a news of cows breaking into the shop was heard. The councillor was concerned that something similar would happen in the future. He said that this might have risen because people often feed fruits to the animals. This particular practise might have made cows believe that fruits everywhere belonged to them. The cows in the Hong Kong are a problem because of the expansion of the urban population.

Ho Loy, the chairman of the Lantau Buffalo Association, favoured the cows by saying that most people don’t understand that the place where they live was once owned by the cows.

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