Game of Thrones Prequel to tell the detailed story of ‘Night King’

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Prequels of the movies are quite cool, because in these releases certain mysterious facts are added for sake of fans to know. Talking about Game of Thrones, it’s a show based on fantasy. Dragons, spells and different kinds of myths are featured in this show. Therefore, a lot of mysteries already surround Game of Thrones. It’s logical that this show needs a prequel. In the Spring of 2019, the show would come to an end. This would be a sad news for a lot of fans of the show. People kind of fell in love with this show after its first season.

This show is based on the George R.R. Martin’s novel, A Song of Ice and Fire. Keeping in mind the popularity of the show, the directors and story tellers are already planning to release its spin offs. HBO executives have hinted about prequel, this is what one needs to know about this development.

HBO has reportedly hired writers to work on five different spinoffs of Game of Thrones. Martin has blogged that the show would feature details on The Long Night. The name is enough for the fans to learn what this prequel would be all about. The long night belongs to the age of heroes, thousands of year before the events of the Game of Thrones. Winter and darkness had descended on the land and it lasted an entire generation. 

In that time, humans had to join hands with the children of the forest to fight off the white walkers. The white walkers were pushed into the deep north, to protect the humans, Bran the builder of Stark origin, built a wall. HBO has revealed that the true story of the Westeros isn’t the one which fans know. This means, that fans would be able to get a detailed insight into the life of the White Walker’s King. Also, since the history isn’t bound to be the one which fans already know; therefore, it would give writers more room to create something different.

The release date of this prequel is not yet decided.

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