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Game harangues Gamer for playing it consecutive 6 hours, “locks him out for 59 minutes”

Written by Logical Men

Ever heard about a game which harangues the gamer for playing it consecutive 6 hours? Well, Yes, a recent screenshot was posted on Reddit in which the user ‘Falafel_Burglar’ alleged something similar. He had been playing the game “Falcross” for 6 hours straight and may be the game developers didn’t like the same fact prior to the game development.

Thus, they must have decided to add a feature which might resist a continuous game play. Anyway, the original poster of the image has an account on the Reddit. He operates with username, “FALAFEL_BURGLAR” on the Reddit. He posted a screenshot, 14 hours ago in which he alleged that “Falcross” locked him out of the game for playing it consecutively 6 hours.

Following Image was posted on Reddit by the User!

Now, there can be many possibilities, this can be a fake image. The creator of this image might have wanted to gain some attention for the game. However, upon research it was found that the game was already popular enough.

Thus, a user TobySux theorized, what might have happened with the OP: “The developer had the top comment here but it was removed for some reason. This isn’t a real lockout. You get this notification once you close the app. Granted not everyone has notifications turned on so maybe there’s a flaw there, but my first instinct would be to close and re-open the app to see if it was legit, so I think it’s excusable. He also addressed the spelling error.

Image of notification which TobySux uploaded along with his comment!

Thus, the main scenario would have been something like this. The OP got a notification about his gameplay exceeding 6 hours. On skipping the in game notification, he got another screen. Now, he should have closed the application, which would have sent him the above notification, “Just Kidding! […] Please be mindful of your health.” Anyhow, his notifications might have been closed for the Falcross, that is why he got locked out.

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