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We are humans and the creator of us “God” has endowed us with various emotions like stress, love, fear, delicacy and sadness. But when something becomes in access then it can harm humans a lot and can surely harm the personalty of a living being to a large access. We are commit mistakes and we all know that we can’t be perfect at all but all of us are aware of a thing known as “try” and at the same time we are well aware of a thing known as “time” both of these things are one of the greatest tools to help you achieve any goal. To help you become more confident and more powerful. We all feel uncertain and tensed at various times of our life and the main reason for this is the cause for all this. So, there is a way to make us feel better and more happy, by removing the cause or else by stop thinking about the cause. Keep on reading and you will find that how can you gain confidence and reduce stress.

Stress and Anxiety

How to stop thinking about the cause which makes us feel stressed – Reduce Stress:

You have a brain and you can easily find the solution about the heading given above, yes it’s simple remove the cause which makes you feel odd or else stop thinking about it. Now how can you stop to think about it when it’s the real cause of your stress, tension and bad mood.

This is your own Problem you can easily handle it to gain confidence and reduce stress!

Listen, you shouldn’t care for what has happened with you because it’s something which influenced you not this world and it’s your very own problem. Now you can change the course of things which are owned by you and this problem is your property you can surely change the way you think and this slight change of attitude will help you get out of this. I know it can be difficult but you have to take the plunge with quailing at the very end that you can do this, you can forget this or you can solve it to death. Find a solution and apply it immediately for your own mental relief.

Remember that time never remains same:

You should keep in mind that time and the way you measure things and happenings never remains same and with time we start to think many past happenings as childish act to be done. So, be more professional in your attitude and start to look at the future instead of sticking in the past, I am quite sure that one day in the near future you will again think the same time as a childish time to worry. Also time is a very strong tool to help you move on to the next target or next world where things are totally different all you need is to try. Your need is to keep in mind that the near time will make me forget all this then what is the use to think it all over again and again. This will help you let everything go.

Everyone has to die in this world, Man is immortal:

Yes we all know that it is fairly true that all of us are going to die sooner or later then what is the need to think about something which was never our fault? Why should we think about those who once hurt us? Surely, this is the waste of time and precious mind resources. We should remember our death which will make us feel that we don’t know how much time is for us on this earth then why do we think about something which has no use at all? This is something which really makes you feel strong and more prominent. Once you try this you can easily help your self getting used to many things which may seem odd to your attitude.

Stay More Confident with reduced stress:

Lack of ConfidenceWhen you are able to control your stress level then you can easily be more confident with the happenings and the thoughts which you can think to be fearful and risk full. You will feel yourself an elevated personality who has courage to do the right without thinking that what others can think about you! You will start to believe on the power of time and trying hard. You will start to think that “Whatever I can do, I will try my best to achieve the progress without trying to think that it’s difficult or impossible” and trust me that very little first progress can become the first step of your success.

It’s your last chance on earth so don’t loose confidence:

Remember if you fail because you don’t had the confidence to do it, then surely you will repent later that what if you had got this before that it was the last chance, if you keep it in mind that it’s the last chance and you really need to do it and if you fail to do it then their will be no use at all and there will be no benefit. All I mean is this that if you know that a lack of confidence and more stress can make you fail then don’t take all this hype, tensions and stress because there is no use at all and in the end don’t take things which don’t give you benefit just let it go and do that job. thumbs up from me 🙂

I’ll soon come up with some physical actions to reduce your stress and increase the confidence level but for now it’s enough training for all of you for the betterment of your personality remember never to kill your conscience and never forget about fact “death” and you will certainly try to go with the route you want for your life without the fear of loosing as who got time to think about falling.

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