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Fugitive Trolls Sheriff’s Facebook post about his manhunt and this is savage

The satisfaction which one feels while he has an upper hand on the situation is quite amazing. I remember when one guy in class made fun of a scientific fact, and I trolled him hard because I had a better grip on science, that particular feeling was just amazing. I’m sure this guy also felt the same about the Sheriff’s Facebook post which was actually about him.

The Sheriff posted on Facebook to get a wanted person, this happened a few weeks back.

The post was long but we’re going to give you a summary. The Sheriff was looking for Geoffrey Vance Jr. for his arrest warrants were issued on basis of offences like aggravated stalking, family violence, and obstruction of a 911 call. This was the main ect of the Facebook post. They further added in post, that Mr Vance didn’t turn himself to Sheriff John Miles due to reasons, and thus the cooperation of social media is required.

It was also mentioned that Vance is already on bond for felony charges in Candler County and Butts County. Rest it contained, “If anyone knows the whereabouts of Vance, he must tell the authorities”.

Police also urged the social media to share the post, to get Mr Vance arrested as soon as possible.

Further, what happened and how Mr Vance got to the post, can be seen below.

Mr Vance mugshot which was the thumbnail of the Facebook Post

Mr Vance actually came across the post which was posted by Police.

Turns out he never showed up to the Police. This was something as trolling police while sitting in your home.

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