Frozen feline rescued and thawed out as found in a snowbank

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Animals are an important part of the life, they play a vital role in the biodiversity. However, some people fail to realise their importance and they don’t pay the animals in the same coin. They fail to show them love and proper care. These days a lot of regions on earth are witnessing some harsh climate, therefore those who care for animals are bringing inside stray cats and dogs. Otherwise, these dogs and cats are often found stuck in the snow. If these animals are not well fed then this amount of cold can prove fatal to their existence. This incident is about a cat which was buried inside snow, and later it was rescued.

This fluffy cat was literally given a heat treatment after she was found stuck deep beneath the snow. The fluffy fur of this cat was frozen because of the extreme weather. However, this very lucky cat was rescued and she was able to return home. The owners of this cat found it buried in the snow near Kalispell, Montana, home on 31st January. In order to save her life, they took her to the animal clinic. They wanted to save her life. The cat was essentially frozen and had the owners belated her arrival to the clinic, she could have succumbed to the freezing temperature.

This frozen cat was found buried beneath the snow, she was later rescued

The northern Montana town was experiencing some cold season, it was all snowy and below the freezing temperature when Fluffy was discovered deep beneath the snow. When she was found beneath the snow, the temperature was below 90°F. The clinic used a couple of methods to increase her body temperature, they used warm water, hair dryers, heater towels and other things to increase her body temperature to normal. This cat was an outdoor animal when the owners acquired her when they moved to their new home. The owners were not present at home when the cat got stuck in the snow, hence they weren’t sure how this happened.

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