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Fox news guest dubbed ‘Biden & Sanders’ the ‘Senility Twins’ as the praised Obama’s economic policies

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The former chief economist was invited as a guest on the Fox news, and he didn’t take a second to call the ‘Biden and Sanders’ as ‘Senility Twins.’ The guy named Peter Morici had worked on the position of chief economist for the United States International Trade, and he called the Biden & Sanders as Senility Twins because they praised Obama for his strong economic policies.

Morici had made his appearance for an interview on the Fox news show Fox and Friends. He had to discuss the US economy and threats to it. The main agenda was the booming American economy and the tendency of Trump to take claim of it. While giving his opinion, Morici said that it would have been a good thing to give Obama some credit but taking away the entire credit of good economy from the Trump’s basket of policies was not a right thing. He meant to take sides of Trump in the case of the economy.

Morici claimed that the economy of America was growing 50 per cent faster under the presidency of Donald Trump. He further added that job inequality was decreasing at a faster rate; he noticed that gender disparity was also getting reduced. Morici meant that people were getting better jobs and it showed a state of a good economy. He criticised Biden and Sanders by calling them ‘Senility Twins.’ Morici opined that the current state of the economy was a huge rebound from the Wall Street crash of 2008.

Biden had served Obama as his vice president. He often took jibes at the economic policies of Trump, claiming that the current policies of the president were not in favour of America. Many Democrats have criticised Trump’s tax cuts, and they believe that such cuts were only meant to benefit the richest.

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