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Fox News guest defends tear gas usage on migrants, calls it an eatable item with Nachos

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A guest was called in Fox and Friends and he made some strange claims regarding the use of tear gas on the migrants. He claimed it as an accoutrement for the Nachos. “It’s all natural,” said the guest. People might wonder who this guest was, well, it was Ron Colburn the head of the border petrol foundation. Ron Colburn made this statement on record to downplay the role of the tear gas usage against the migrants in Mexico.

Mr Colburn made some hard remarks if looked through the lens of human rights, apparently he gave a lot of stuff on the plate for the civil rights group to consume. He said that using the deterrent pepper spray was completely warranted and the use was expected against the migrants. Mr Colburn had previously served as the Deputy Chief of the border petrol unit. He called the pepper spray as nothing while sharing its components, calling them all natural. He said that it included water, pepper and some alcohol for the evaporation purpose. According to him this solution could have been perfect for consumption with Nachos. Mr Colburn called it a good way for keeping people away without calling it a thing for permanent harm.

This video was shared by Bobby Lewis while condemning the casualness of the speaker invited on TV. Doocy apparently felt like being offended with the claims of Mr Colburn. He preferred to continue the interview without giving any remarks about the popular Mexican dish, Nachos. The News of the border personnel firing pepper spray on the individuals crossing the border started a mayhem. This happened because of a few people who attempted to cross the border. An Associated Press reported of Huffpost happened to be present on the scene, he reported that the children of migrants started to scream when thick clouds of pepper spray started to gather over them and parents. Mr Colburn claims for justifying the peoper spray usage caused a lot of outrage on Twitter.

Like the above user most people started to criticize the statement given by the guest. Many people shared their views by calling the attitude of Couburn as ignominious and incomprehensible.

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