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‘Fox & Friends” praise Trump for losing $1 billion

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The very loyal newscasters of Trump tried to show a positive side to the $1 billion loss made by Trump over a period of ten years. The hosts over the Fox and Friends featured some honest efforts to shower praise for Trump after a report published by The New York Times revealed that Trump had lost over $1 billion for ten years.

The report showed that Trump had shown a loss of $1.17 billion from the years 1985 to 1994 – the amount was enough to make him avoid paying tax in eight of the ten years. Ainsley Earhardt, a host of the show, opined that this was pretty good news as it showed that the president had taken risks in life. She stated that the loss was pretty impressive because what president had done with his life was something which most failed to do with theirs.

In a way, the host seems to be right. Trump’s efforts were unmatched. The report claimed that in the year 1990 and 1991, Trump reported losses of more than $250 million – this reported amount was more than the double of any other high-income individual in U.S. taxpayers list of that year. The co-host showered more praise for the Trump, saying that the guy lost more than $1 billion which was a considerable amount.

Kilmeade said that the numbers started to give sense one someone realised that Trump was a bold businessman. He further said that the figures showed the substance of a risk-taker. He portrayed the president as a different individual calling him resilient and a hard worker. Based on these traits of the president, the host claimed him to be different as compared to anyone in America. Trump said that he never meant to show more losses for the sake of getting a tax-shelter.

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