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Former mayor 62yo leaves his wife for 19yo girl who says that they are head to toe in love

Retired nurse Jacqui Copsey was quite happy and she was quite proud of her husband when he was elected conservative mayor of Bridlington in 2015. She was quite happy with his progress and she was confident that he was going to preserve both people and his integrity.

Husband was an electrical engineer who had always a passion for politics. John the 62-year-old Mayor was quite perfect for the civic duty as he never missed any official function. Despite his illness and treatment for a brain tumour, he performed his duties quite well.

He was always focused on raising Charity in order to help the needy people. He always allowed people to try his mayoral chains for Pound 1 donation to the local air ambulance. The guy was quite good at heart. He married Jacqui around 37 years ago. They tied the Knot at a local yacht club.

Daisy the 19yo girlfriend of John is quite happy with the new relationship

Jacqui was proud of John until today when she is left devastated cheated and humiliated. Around 10 days ago the entire town was quite shocked to learn that t62-year-old male has ditched his wife for 19 year old agriculture student. The town couldn’t engulf the news as they couldn’t think that John could betray his wife. The newspaper 10 days ago was filled with pictures of the new couple moving around here and there with hands in hand. It was quite shocking for his wife to learn the fact that his husband was with someone who is about the age of her granddaughter. The wife thinks that his husband has gone completely nuts and he has gone mad.

I think he’s gone completely nuts, He must have gone mad because I can’t find any other way to explain it. He’s too old for a mid-life crisis.” – said his wife in an interview as reported by Mail Online.

It’s worth noting that both had left each other in 1992 but came back together in 1997 because of some domestic row over John being a ‘bit of a player’ and ‘ladies man’. In 1997, they felt like they had a thing for each other and then they lived as a man and a woman but never married again.

This is definitely a story of its own kind and it seems like the man really had a taste for women and it was hard for him to settle for one thing at a time. Regarding the reunion, Jacqui said, “We just kind of drifted back together, We had a son, who was still a teenager, and I was feeling vulnerable after the death of my father from cancer. Our marital home was still in joint names. John was tall, good-looking and — despite being full of himself — a lively man to be with.

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