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Former American president is in Intensive Care with an Infection

Former United States President George H.W. Bush has been released and moved from an intensive care unit to a regular patient room.

He was admitted after getting an infection that spread to his blood on Wednesday.

The 41st President is “alert and talking with hospital staff, family, and friends, and his doctors are very pleased with his progress,” the spokesman, Jim McGrath, said in a statement.

The president is at Houston Hospital and will be staying there for few more days, according to the spokesman.

“President Bush naturally thanks everyone for their prayers and good wishes. He also wants to assure everyone that, as good as he feels now, he is more focused on the Houston Rockets closing out their playoff series against the Minnesota Timberwolves than anything that landed him in the hospital.”

The official Twitter handle of the President @GeorgeHWBus tweeted: ‘My family and I thank Mayor @SylvesterTurner, his terrific staff, @houstonpolice, @METROHouston, @SBCHouston, @StMartinsDOK — and really all Houstonians — for your professionalism and obvious care in making Barbara’s visitors and funeral guests feel so welcomed. Thank you all.’

He contracted the blood infection a day after a funeral was held for his wife. He broke down in tears when his son Jeb Bush read a President’s love-letter to his wife.

According to reports the President is ‘responding to treatments and appears to be recovering.’

A source who is close to the President said that he was in critical conditions, the infection led to sepsis, a condition which can be life-threatening. His blood pressure kept dropping and few times there was an atmosphere of worrying that if the president would come through or not, but he did and had been stabilized.

FLOTUS sent her wishes through a tweet to the President this Monday.

‘Sending healing thoughts of strength, along with prayers, for President George HW Bush tonight,’ she tweeted.

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