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Football Fans Launch Fundraiser to Repair Damaged Ambulance During “Wild Celebrations”

Written by Logical Men

An ambulance car which was parked near London Bridge was severely damaged by England fans, the story of the ambulance was much talked about in the news because England fans were having a little too much fun after their football team in Russia reached the country’s first semi final in nearly three decades.

It goes without saying that it is a natural reaction because this is a huge news for the Brits. But things got out of hands when fans jumped on the parked ambulance, which lead to a damage of great extent. The damage was so bad that the ambulance had to be decommissioned.

London Ambulance Service had to tweet: ‘Obviously we are chuffed with the result this afternoon but there is absolutely NO excuse to vandalise emergency service vehicles by jumping on them.. This vehicle is now off the road and unable to respond to patients. We are better than this England….

It obvious that despite the sheer joy of the English football fans, the London Ambulance Service’s tweet contains a valid point. Celebration is good only when there is no crime committed, vandalism is not acceptable under any circumstance. The destruction of the van is most certainly a move by fans which is overstepped the mark by quite a long way. It is literally a public service vehicle that needs to be used to save people from dying.

Police is now actively looking for suspects who climbed up on the ambulance and jumped on it.

But there is another side to the English fans as well, the British fans have a conscience and so the Millwall Supporters’ Club have stepped forward to start a fundraiser in order to fix the ambulance. The goal for the online fundraiser has been set to £5000 in order to cover the costs of the fixes. Moreover, in case an insurance company decides to come forward and bear the costs, the money raised through the online donation will be donated to the London Ambulance Service, which it badly needs.

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