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Football Fan Gets, “England 2018 World Cup Winners” Tattooed on Himself

It seems like, there is still some time of soccer to be played in the massive 2018 World Cup which is being played in Russia, but England’s victory seems so certain that they might as well wrap the trophy for the team with their name on it. Even if it is not the case, it is most certainly the guess that is being made by the people in local pubs and even on the internet.

The 6 – 1 destruction of Panama in last Sunday game has given a hope to all the English fans that the trophy might be coming to their home country this year. However, many people still believe that just like in any other game, anything can go wrong and what might look as a straight victory now can have a different outcome in the future. But some people just chose to put all of their eggs into a single basket.

Castleford’s Jamie Richardson is one those confident fellows and the phrase ‘putting all the eggs in the same basket’ fits the guy pretty well because of what he has inked on to his skin.

Yeah, Jamie is so utterly confident that his team will win and he has permanently inked on his stomach skin which reads: “England 2018 World Cup Winners.”

Speaking to a media outlet, Jamie told: ‘We were 5 – 0 at half-time, and I just knew. It just felt like not since Euro 96 when we were 1 nil up against the Germans, or in 1998 when Michael Owen scored against Argentina and before Beckham got sent off, we – in a major tournament – really had a chance of winning. I know it was only Panama, but you look at the last five nations that have won – France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Brazil, all of these major teams. It’s our turn.

He further more added: ‘Spain drew with Morocco, Germany lost to Mexico. You’ve got all these other teams that are struggling at the minute, and with teams sitting so deep, to go 5 – 0 up against any team at international level is pretty good going.

That is actually a very well articulated answer and what is even more interesting is his girlfriend’s response to the tattoo.

Jamie told: ‘At first, she called me a stupid, but once she’d seen it, she said it wasn’t that bad.’ That is some next level endorsement and faith in one’s team.’

Now the one and only thing that is to be seen then is if English can go all the way and repay Jamie’s unwavering faith in them. There is still, however, a trivial chance that England won’t become World Champions this time out. But that is not the case for Jamie Richardson.

He told: ‘I haven’t even thought about it. I truthfully believe we’re going to win it. It’s not a gimmick, I honestly think we’re going to do it.

If the result turns out the way that he wants he will be cherished as a genius but if the small chance of the loss actually happens then things will only go blue from here.

Interview Credits: sportbible

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