Footage shows Nick Diaz’s brutal attempt to steal Rampage Jackson’s date right in front of him

Written by Wamiq Ali

UFC fans are well aware of the two giants who recently came across each other while trying to dominate their efforts for love & a girl. Well, definitely I’d never try to take any girl from these two dudes because that will not end up well. I can end up having broken legs and arms since I watched the terrific UFC matches these players offered to the audience.

Bottom line, these dudes can kill you! but what if both of these are fighting over a girl? This situation is worth watching. So, according to MMAMaina, Nick Diaz and Quinton Jackson got into a small brawl in Las Vegas. Nick Diaz tried and apparently succeeded in stealing the Rampage Jackson’s date. 

The video got shared on the Instagram and instantly became viral. It shows Diaz walking up towards the couple and tried to deliver some cheesy lines which were meant to get the girl of Jackon. I think it’s more like a sweet revenge because in past Diaz has told us a story, where Jackson tried to steal his girl inside Burger King. Diaz was then 17 years old, and this time in 2017, I think Diaz is trying to get some revenge and peace.

Rampage Jackson left a comment on the incident, he said, “@nickdiaz209 got me fucked up! I wouldn’t never try to talk to his chick! I feel soo disrespected, like right in my face. Come to my weight class boi! @msbella_latina”


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