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Footage shows a guy body slammed an old lady at pool party cos of her innocent request

Written by Wamiq Ali

This guy obviously had no respect for elders and that’s why he slammed and dragged the poor lady into the pool. The old lady had merely requested his friends to lower the music and shortly afterwards she found herself in a bind. Deploring the guy, I think he should have listened to the lady because older people share the society with us and sometimes they aren’t comfortable with young stuff, like loud volume parties.

The lady dragged the guy into court after getting manhandled. She told the boy, “This will follow you for the rest of your life“. I think she’s not lying because if you’ll Google his name then several mirrors of his video will pop up. The keyword “Pool party body slam” might not earn the guy some respect in the upcoming days to live.

Nancy James, 68-year-old came face to face in a courtroom with the teenager. She had asked his friends to lower the volume when he got some aggression and turned the entire situation into a turmoil after body slamming the old lady.

The incident happened in North Lauderdale, Fl., in May and the shocking footage showed her being body-slammed by a 16-year-old teenager. The guy dragged the old lady to the pool afterwards. Ms James came face to face with the teenager, Leon Balfour Joseph got charged with a battery. “What he did was a very cruel thing. Very cruel. Very inhuman” the woman told the court. “You have so much ahead of you. You’re a young kid. You’ve got college. You got hopes. You got dreams, and you know what, unfortunately, this will follow you, forever.” further added the woman.

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