Footage shows biker launches into air After slamming into stopped vehicle

Damn, the dude got launched high in the air. He came like a bullet and slammed into the parked vehicle. What an unfortunate dude, I just can’t believe what I watched on my computer. Looks like it’s enough internet for the day.

Footage has been recorded of a dashcam in a car. Looks like a couple was inside the car as the unfortunate biker appeared and hit a stationary car with full force. The force was enough to launch the bike and the rider in the air. He should have watched that white car which was parked at the extreme right side of the road along with a side fence. The biker didn’t even steer the bike to the left. It seemed like he totally lost the control or he didn’t see it coming. The video clearly showed that the biker couldn’t see that white car.

The video obtained was recorded by two dash cams, the second dash cam shows clearly what had actually happened with the rider. Quite unfortunate that the trunk of the car was also up. After such a hard crash there was no way the biker could survive, we aren’t yet sure about his status, but the intensity of the crash gives certain harsh clues.

Update: The incident had happened at Seletar Expressway. The motorcyclist slammed the back of the car while the hazard lights of the car were turned on. The rider broke his left arm, left leg and had ruptured bladder, fractured pelvic bone and lost a lot of blood. He is alive. The pillion rider suffered a fractured pelvic bone and a broken leg and has been in and out of consciousness. 

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