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Footage shows, 7 Teens brutally beat up 2 kids at a Dock, now face assault & kidnapping charges

Written by Wamiq Ali

Seven teenagers for their role in the kidnapping and illegal beating up of two boys at Quincy pier face legal charges. Currently, 18 charges have been imposed against the teens.

It happened in the state-owned Squantum Point Park on a pier which is located right next to the new Meriel Marina Bay development. The video which got uploaded on the internet and instantly went viral shows teenagers beating up an innocent kid. It shows some teenagers sucker punching a kid. At one point, the teen being assaulted is thrown to the ground and repeatedly kicked and punched.

After some moments, another teen is thrown to the ground and sucker punched and kicked in the same manner. The video length is about 38 seconds.

Police are not releasing the names of the teenagers involved. All of them are under 18 and police wants to keep their identities hidden in the matter. In the video, a group of teenagers kicks and punches another group during a confrontation on a Quincy pier.

State Police spokesman David Procopio stated that none of the victims made any report to the police. Police only realised about the mishap when the video became viral. The police took notice of the incident and tried to dig into the issue which caused the fight.

You can watch the video below, which is linked from Facebook.

After the video, you can realise that the teenagers were involved in a serious offence. Police released a report stating that five victims were between the age of 14 and 16. None of the guys was seriously injured in the fight. Police says that the investigation remains open and more people could end up charged.

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