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Footage proves Cops arrested man illegally & later tried to destroy the evidence to prove him guilty

Written by Wamiq Ali

The police department has a duty to save common people at any cost. Though there are certain incidents of police high handedness. This galling news is one of those incidents where police decided to play the role of a bad cop. If a victim travails in pain on hands of police then it’s court’s duty to express the discretion and provide security of interests to the victim. This galling incident happened with an activist who was involved in filming the police to present things in a more transparent way to the public.

Filming the police isn’t illegal. LaSalle was however charged with “Obstructing governmental administration” after he was caught filming some of the officers. LaSalle was at a safe distance and it appeared that he had caught some evidence against the police at that certain time. Prior to his arrest, LaSalle had mounted a GoPro camera and left his mobile for recording. He wanted to record his arrest because he knew that the police had wrong accusations against him.

LaSalle spent a night in jail, the next day he got released. He went back and recovered the mounted camera and smartphone. As soon as he recovered his gadgets, he was arrested again. Some of the LaSalle friends had tweeted about him having some evidence against the police which they thought translated into his second arrest.

Police after the arrest asked him to produce his smartphone. Police took his recording gadgets in custody and released him. They refused to give him his gadgets back because they told him that they had to get some evidence.

Soon after that LaSalle was released, he reached his home, he received an email from the application installed on his phone for tampering security. LaSalle had installed Lockwatch, an app which sends you email after someone tries to tamper with your device. It automatically takes the picture of the person using front camera and also records audio for some time.

The GPS coordinates in the email were of the Police Department. LaSalle provided that information to The Nation. It’s worth noting that police had no search warrant for the LaSalle mobile phone. The police had asked about his smartphone password right after his second arrest. This time LaSalle decided to report to the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau and lodged a complaint.

LaSalle got his devices back, the data on GoPro had been deleted. Though, he was surprised that his phone hadn’t given up owing to the strong security. The data and pictures were still on his phone. The audio recording of his arrest can be heard where police officers were discussing that he was quite far away from the investigation site where he was first arrested on basis of being an obstruction in governmental work. It proved that he was innocent, the police, however, hasn’t yet replied to the Nation’s query regarding the unjust arrest of LaSalle.

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