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[Footage] Charlotte man called 911 for help, had arms raised when police arrived but still got shot

Written by Wamiq Ali

An unusual footage of Charlotte man has emerged online where he can be heard calling 911 for help. He admitted having a weapon without bullets and asked the operator to dispatch the police. Sometime later police arrived at the location of the caller, they asked him to drop his weapon and he opted to raise his hands instead and police shot him down without giving him any second warning.

Galindo had called police on September 6 after calling 911 for help. He admitted having a gun in possession. Galindo asked the operator to dispatch police to his home on one condition that he won’t be giving away his name or any other information as to why he needed the police. The call took 4 minutes until the police arrived at his designated location.

Sometime later he told the operator that he wanted to turn himself in as he got tired of Police and people following him. Operator inquired about his warrants of arrest to which he replied that he got a court date on September 9. Minutes after the operator asked him if he ever consumed drugs or alcohol to which he replied in positive. The operator told Galindo to put down the gun to which he replied in negative. He told the operator that the gun had no bullets inside. He didn’t put the weapon away to a safe place when police arrived the scene. Two officers, Guerra and Suggs appeared at the location.

The guy wasn’t ready to drop the weapon but he raised his hands so that actually made the officers threatened. They had no option other than shooting down the man, says the Police. Though the local NGO worker thinks that the guy needed a second option.

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