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Florida teacher fired for giving ZEROES to students that failed to hand in their work

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Education is something which is important for everyone. A good education means a good base for someone to become a useful citizen of any culture. Teachers play an important role in this journey of an individual where he tries to learn new things and later apply the obtained knowledge. Hence, education reforms are something which are mostly asked to make the education better.

An eighth grade teacher in Florida has been fired. She claimed that the school administration took her out of the school just because she had awarded zero grade to students who failed to submit their homework. Now, Diane Tirado, who is 52yo, is quite angry because she couldn’t think that any action against her could have been taken in a manner similar to one which made her reactive.

 Diane Tirade used to teach social studies to the children of West Gate K-8 school in Port St. Lucie in the South Florida. She had been working for the school for the past two years. The school according to the teacher applies “no zero” policy which had been broken after she awarded zeroes. The children had to submit one of the major assignments to the teacher which most of them failed to do as asked. Tirado also claimed that the parents of the kids were not much happy with her direction. She said that they used to criticize her for giving eighth graders too much homework to handle. The teacher said:

I got called down to the principal’s office as parents were not happy with me. It was ruining my life for weeks.

Tirado said in an interview

The teacher accused principal of letting her know about the “no zero” policy quite late. She said that in the meeting when she was called the principal told her about the no zero policy. According to the principal she was not allowed to give lower than 50 to any student. However, after a group of students failed to give their assignment, Tirado knew that they didn’t deserve any marks. Thus she did what she felt was perfect.

Tirado was fired and the principal didn’t mention any reason for her dismissal. Tirado however believes that those zero grades triggered her firing. Interestingly, the school says that their alleged no zero policy doesn’t exist at all. According to this statement:

There is no district or individual school policy prohibiting teachers from recording a grade of zero for work not turned in

said School’s spokesman

However, Tirado says that the policy was clearly mentioned in the school’s student and parent handbook.

This no zero policy according to her was to boost the self esteem of the students. However, Tirado is against this notion of giving something when the kid has done nothing.

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