In a startling turn of events, two siblings from Florida, aged just 10 and 11, were intercepted by law enforcement while behind the wheel of their mother’s car, located a staggering 200 miles from their residence. What makes this story all the more astonishing is their revelation that they were attempting to run away to California, leaving both the public and authorities astounded by their audacious journey.

At approximately 4 a.m. on Thursday, deputies from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office made a critical discovery when they spotted the sedan on Interstate 75 in the vicinity of Gainesville, located in North Florida. This development came after the children’s mother had already reported the vehicle as stolen and her two youngsters as missing, a full four hours prior, originating from North Port, a southwestern Florida city.

County Sheriff stops Florida kids driving to California

In a startling twist, deputies’ suspicions of thieves were dispelled as they encountered a 10-year-old male behind the wheel, accompanied by his 11-year-old sister during questioning. The distressed girl disclosed their motivation – a desire to escape after their mother confiscated their electronic devices. This unusual incident has sparked concerns about child welfare and parental supervision in the community, prompting authorities to investigate further.

In response to a request for anonymity, the names of the two minors involved in the incident have been withheld, and their images will not be disclosed. Remarkably, the children’s mother chose not to press charges, leading to their release from custody, with both siblings subsequently reunited with their mother.