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Florida Senate gives verdict regarding, ‘the sale of Ar-15s’ & ‘gun-control’

Written by Wamiq Ali

Florida Senate had briefly approved the ban on the sale of AR-15s for a period of two years but the measure was overturned within a period of next 15 minutes. The lawmakers had to vote for the ban of the AR-15 rifles until an upcoming period of two years. The presented bill however failed with 21-17 on the recorded vote.

All the Republicans almost cast no votes. Though, two Republicans joined 15 Democrats on the yea votes. This voting took place for an amendment to bill SB 7026, which would put millions of dollars into mental health and school security. The bill also aims to provide suitable laws for curbing down the misuse of guns.

Florida Senate greets the Parkland Victims

The bill was under discussion through a pedantic and meticulous approach in the wake of the Parkland’s School shooting incident. The lawmakers are more than ever interested in implementing some sort of gun control to allow the people live without fear.

Senator David Simmons was one of many who favoured the public and talked against the gun-control. He said that it’s basic right of the public to defend themselves in the difficult situation with the use of a personal weapon.

Our founding fathers weren’t talking about hunting, and they weren’t talking about protecting themselves from the thief down the street who might break in,’ he said, ‘citizens need guns to protect themselves from a tyrannical government.’

Simmons in this regard quoted the move of Hitler to disenfranchise the citizens of Germany from the gun possession which brought negative results. However, Democrat Senator Kevin Rader was in the favour of the gun-control sale bill and he was of the opinion that there must be a ban on the sale of AR-15s.

Just so our readers know, AR-15 is semi-automatic and has a removable magazine. The government is unhappy with their usage in mass shootings. This particular Senate session was planned to be concluded by 1 pm but due to the nature of topic, it ended at around 9 pm.

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