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Florida: neo-Nazi converts to Islam, later kills neo-Nazi roomates for not respecting religion

Written by Wamiq Ali

Devon Arthurs, 18y0, a former neo-Nazi was arrested on the charge of murder. He killed his roommates because they used to mock his conversion. He had recently become Muslim.

This guy shot his two roommates and gave a striking defence statement. He said that they were neo-Nazis and had disrespected his recent conversion to Islam. Due to the disrespect and hate, he murdered them.

The arrest of this murderer led to a strange discovery. The fourth roommate had been saving materials that could be used to make explosive stuff. The roommate had also stored the pictures of an Oklahoma city bomber, named Timothy McVeigh. Both of these men are now in custody and the other two are dead due to the attack.

Devon Arthurs has been charged with two counts of murder and his roommate has been charged with two counts related to the explosive material and devices. Arthurs had taken three people hostage at gunpoint in Tampa. The police came to know about the situation and produced them at the scene quickly. The gunman, Arthurs soon got arrested.

Arthurs had told hostages that he killed two people. He was angry over America bombing Muslim countries. Though, the police which had arrived at the situation persuaded him to leave the innocent people. He agreed to do so and surrendered.

Arthurs was the one who reported Police about the death of his roommates. Later, he also confessed to killing them and he gave police the reason of their killing as a mocking attitude towards his conversion. Due to his roommates, Arthurs became quite irritated with the world’s new anti-Islam attitude. The search of the garage below the apartment made Police aware of the storage of explosive powder which could be used to generate explosive materials.

All the religion of world advocate peace and harmony and it’s the people who start to wrong it.

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