Florida man who refused to remove vulgar sticker has charges dropped

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A Florida man was issued a charge sheet after he refused to remove a vulgar sticker off his car. “I eat a–” was profoundly mentioned on the sticker which was displayed on the car of the Florida man, identified as Dillon Shane Webb.

The man was charged with misdemeanour counts of violating Florida’s obscenity law. He also resisted the officer who asked him to remove the sticker. Webb in an interview told the local press that the arresting police official seemed to be irked since the very beginning of the traffic stop. Webb said that the police officer had overstepped his legal boundary when he sought the removal of the sticker. He claimed that with his actions he wanted the common public to know that a police officer was not above the law.

After the police officer complained Webb, he was asked to appear in the court and to change the derogatory part of the sticker. However, Webb refused. He got charged with resisting and was taken to the jail. Webb was then released on $2,500 bond.

Webb during the interview also admitted that there were limits to the First Amendment right to free speech and he said that he was aware of those limits. However, he claimed that his display sticker was not one of those limitations; therefore, it was okay to be displayed on the car. He also gave an example to mention the difference. He said that saying “bomb” on a plane was absurd while his sticker was a comic art which described his appetite.

The internet users seemed to be divided on the stance of Webb. The charges against Webb are dropped, and he is given a clean ticket. However, does this mean the public also supports his position? We’ll leave this on you.

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