Florida man pretends to be cop and pulls over undercover detective, gets arrested

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It’s strange that people want to impersonate cops and they also end up doing so in reality. It’s equally alarming and dangerous as a common man can pretend to be a cop and can fool around citizens. He can make them do anything in the name of law. Something similar was going on, as one Florida man was pretending to be a cop. He tried to pull over a detective and ultimately got arrested. Little did he know that the person which he was trying to arrest was actually an undercover detective. Poor soul tried to arrest a detective.

The 26yo Mathew Joseph turned on his blue and red lights which were located on the grill of his car. He attempted to pull over a vehicle in Plant City. Mathew didn’t know that a detective was driving the unmarked car. The detective didn’t pull over as it was an obvious thing expected to happen. When the detective refused to pull over his car, Mathew passed him in his car and turned off his lights. The detective was sharp enough to call the local deputies of the police in order to tell them about someone impersonating to be the police.

A sheriff deputy ultimately caught Mathew. Upon investigation, Mathew admitted that he had illegally installed the red and blue lights in order to cross the traffic. He said he often used it to bypass the heavy traffic using the lights. The police said that they also found a pistol in the possession of Mathew who pretended to be a cop.

Mathew got charged for impersonating to be a police officer. He got booked in the Hillsborough County jail and was released on $2,000 bail. The sheriff office investigated Mathew and they couldn’t find if he had done similar offences in the past. However, police is trying to ask people if they had been victimized by this guy in the past while he pretended to be a cop.

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