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Florida inmate saves infant from locked SUV using his car theft skills

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Skills never go unused, once someone learns a thing that can be used in unimaginable ways. Even during the process of learning one learns a lot of different things which can be useful in other fields. One can’t imagine the ways in which a certain piece of knowledge can be used in life. Life is unpredictable and one can’t be sure about the type of chances he may encounter in his life-time. A thief used his knowledge of breaking into cars to save the life of an infant. It’s worth noting that the skills owned by a thief are not well praised because he uses it for sake of benefiting his own self. This thief however used his skill of cars into an unimaginable way.

A mother of the infant became worried when she realised that her daughter was stuck inside the car. She realised when her husband had closed the back door, he had left the car keys inside only to realise later that the car had been locked. The keys and baby were inside and the car had been locked. A baby locked inside the car can be a horrible experience especially if the car AC is not running and this can cause suffocation for the kid. A lack of oxygen can be detrimental. The couple realised that the Chevy Tahoe was locked. An inmate was around who was adept at stealing cars. He realised that his skills might be needed to save the life of the infant.

Therefore, the inmate picked up a cloth hanger in order to help the kid. He opened the locked car in seconds using the only accessory which he had in his hands. The Sheriff of the area admitted that it was a unique situation which allowed an inmate to break into a car for the right reasons. The life of the kid might have been in danger, had the inmate not able to break into the car. The child was not hurt and mother took a breath of relief after realising that the infant was safe and sound. A video has been shared by abc11

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