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‘Florida High School’ shooting suspect, an expelled student, was he on a revenge spree?

Written by Wamiq Ali

The details about the prime suspect captured in the Florida High School shooting incident are not hitherto known, he was an ex-student of the school expelled as some disciplinary action was taken against him by the school administration. The frighting mass shooting incident which happened today was quickly taken under the control by the authorities. There are 17 confirmed deaths in the incident which has drenched swathes of parents into terror and fear for their children.

A gunman entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida and the students along with faculty heard the gunfire, the school went to an instant lockdown to prevent innocents from getting injured. The Aerial footage of the school was obtained by the several media sources which showed that several people outside as well as inside the school were laying down on the ground in an attempt to avoid the mass shooting. There were people who were taken to the ambulance for the provision of first-aide. The incident happened around 17 hours ago the time of writing of this news.

The police ‘Broward Sheriff’ reported on Twitter that a shooter was taken into custody, it’s yet unclear if this was the only suspect involved in the shooting at the school building. Around 14 victims at the time of his arrest were being taken to the hospital in an emergency situation. 

It’s a horrific situation. It’s just a horrible day for us. … It’s a day you pray every day we will never have to see. It is in front of us and I ask the community for their prayers and support for these children and their families. We’re going to do whatever we can as a community to pull through this, and we will. – said Robert Runcie, Broward County’s superintendent of schools

The CBS News Obtained a Graphic Footage of the attack in the Florida School:

The CBS News got one footage in which loud gunfires can be heard. The students can be seen cowering behind the chairs in an attempt to avoid any gun wound. The situation is so murky and pathetic that incidents like these are hard to be swallowed.

Warning: The footage below is quite graphic in nature.

The White House mourned over the incident:

President Donald Trump lambasted the shooting incident and cancelled the daily agenda. The news came like a big hit for the white house and almost everyone mourned over the loss incurred during the erratic shooting. The white house released a statement of condemnation and condoled the victims.

Almost 17 hours ago, a shooter was captured by the police and the victims were reported to be injured. They were being moved to Boward Hospital under intense care.

Who was the shooter? The prime suspect of Florida School Mass Shooting terror?

There were students who hid inside the bathrooms and locked themselves down, some students even pretended to be dead to avoid any misfortune. The prime suspect arrested by the police was identified as “Nikolas Cruz” and the police already found some really disturbing things on his internet/social profiles.

  • The prime suspect captured is 19 years old
  • He was a former student of Douglas High and he got expelled for disciplinary actions
  • Born Sept. 1998

The Broward County sheriff confirmed these details in his own words.

Police said Cruz had “countless magazines” and an an AR-15 assault rifle. The suspect was arrested outside the school. This is the eight school shooting in recent times which inflicted serious damage to both students and faculty. The prime suspect was receiving some mental treatment. One of the school staff told that they were warned to never let that student come inside the school.

As for now, no names of the victims has been released. Keep this thread visiting we’ll update more details regarding the Florida School Shooting.

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