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Flirty D-Day veteran tells Melania Trump, ‘If only I was 20 Years Younger’

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Being funny and flirting around with people has no age limits and it has been proved by this D-Day veteran Thomas Cuthbert, as he told the First Lady of America, Melania Trump, that he should have been 20 years younger than his current age, to get a chance with her. Now, this is quite a bold statement especially when it’s hurled at the FLOTUS. The veteran jokingly told that if ‘only he was 20 years younger’ as he pointed towards the Melania Trump.

The reply of the Donald Trump regarding the joke of the 93-year-old veteran was equally perfect and amazing. He replied, Mr. Cuthbert that he could have handled it quite well, without any question in that regards. The light-hearted moment was witnessed during the D-Day 75th national commemoration. The president told the 93-year-old veteran that it was a great honour meeting him. He said, “It’s my honour, believe me, thank you very much.”

The reception was also attended by the Queen and Prince of the Wales. Mr Cuthbert gave amazing remarks regarding the POTUS. The veteran said that Trump came across quite well. He further praised the president by saying that he happened to be pretty natural unlike others on TV. He seemed one of the boys, said the old veteran. Cuthbert further praised Melania to be quite pleasant in gesture.

Mr Cuthbert had served during the D-Day landings, as he was deployed on a landing barge oiler anchored offshore from Utah and Omaha beaches. He had been awarded with the Legion D’Honneur in May 2017 for his service to the country. The smell of the fuel and people getting sick because of WW2 of the 1944 made the conditions ever worse for the soldiers like Cuthbert. The prince told the media that he remembered being in the navy and falling ill, consequently, urging someone bringing hot steaming soup for his sake.

Trump told Thomas Cuthbert that he could handle the challenge of Melania Trump, had he been 20 years younger. On a lighter note, the president cheered him in a similar afore-mentioned manner.

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