Flat earther offers $100k to anyone who can prove earth is round only to regret later

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We have had this debate various times in the past through this news blog, there exists a group of people who believe that the entire scientific study is fooling them on the shape of the earth. They believe that the earth is flat and not round. This argument is based on their sense of understanding and thus following this particular thing they have even made a society, Flat Earth Society. This society thinks that the entire images released by the NASA are a sham. Well, obviously that is not the case with the rest of the world. This belief kinds of takes us back to the old times when many sailors claimed about the roundness of the earth but those living in safe homeland were insistent about the flatness of the earth. Today, satellites are lot more equipped to make human kind see those planets in real action.

This one guy who believed this theory of the flat earth decided to offer some money to someone proving the roundness of the earth. He was quite firm in his belief. He promised the winner who proved the roundness of earth a staggering amount, $100,000. This YouTuber posted this video on his homepage.

Check it out. Here’s the challenge: Using flight charts, y’know, the only navigational maps that pilots can use to navigate, the only ones that can actually get them to where they’re going. Yeah, flight charts.

Youtube/Flat Out Hero

He explained the challenge in detail which involved travelling from point A to point B before making a 90 degree angle turn. This is then repeated until one reaches point C, and again return to the point A. Well, this is kind of awkward statement and explanation. So, basically he is offering all this money who can map out a specified journey.

Map that out, using the only navigational maps that we know. We can’t use a globe to navigate, but we know that we can use flight charts to navigate. So, map that flight round. If you can do it, $100,000 to the winner.

Youtube/Flat Out Hero

So, a user Wolfie6020 came out and he posted a video on the YouTube. He titled the video that “This flat earther owes me $100,000.”

He does this successfully in the video and uploads it on the YouTube. This YouTuber Wolfie6020 can be heard saying:

So there is the challenge, correctly mapped out, on a flight chart that pilots use to navigate… Correctly mapped out with the 90 degree turns, 190, 270, 360, and each leg being the same distance… So $100,000 dollars, thank you very much.


He [Wolfie6020] called out the man who initiated this challenge and said if he really was a man of his words then he would give him the well deserved money.

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