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‘Flat-Earther’ launches himself in 1,875ft into the air in a homemade rocket

Written by Logical Men

Mike Hughes, 61, who is being called the rocketman. He built his own rocket to go into space. His rocket was steam-power which reached the speed of 325mph and covered about 1,875 feet before coming down on earth.

The reason for his trying to go into space was to prove that the earth is flat, yes FLAT!!!

No matter how absurd this seems, there is actually a huge community of people who still believe that the earth is flat. You can google them by typing “Flat Earth Society” in the search engine. This is one of the most believed conspiracy theories over the globe (sarcasm intended). These people believe that earth stretches far beyond Antartica and that the outer world is being guarded by the NASA for a very long time. They have made an explanation for every shortcoming there is in their theory. They call the image from outer space a doctored CG from NASA.

Mike launched his rocket in Amboy, California and was feeling a back pain after the rocket came down. The original launch was scheduled in November but delayed several times due to logistical issues until now.

Hughes taken back on a stretcher after his made rocket launched and returned to earth

The 61-years-old is a limo driver, who worked very hard on the rocket. He pulled his parachutes after the failed attempt to go to space and another parachute because of the speed of his falling.

What he did may seem foolish in the eyes of some, but he went to an extreme to satisfy his curiosity.

The rocket fell far away from the launch site, around about 15,00 feet away.

There seems to be no proof that he actually climbed into the rocket, which makes this whole thing questionable.

Hughes next move is to run for the governor and he said that he was quite serious about running for the office.

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