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“Flat-Earth theory” destroyed after a genius presents “Lake Michigan” Images

Most people with a good brain know that the Earth is not flat. But recently, the conspiracy of flat Earth is on the rise.

Flat Earthers thinks that government is cover up any pieces of evidence that the earth is flat. Government is trying to hide the truth from us.

If anyone wants proof that the Earth is round not flat. These images from Lake Michigan that was taken by 47-year-old Greg Pagel shows a definitive proof of the Earth’s curvature.

Despite this, the images were questioned after he posted them on Imgur.

After taking the photos the Greg realised the horizon seemed rather flat, which made him question a few things.
In an interview with Bored Panda, Greg said: ‘I’ve often looked at the horizon over that lake thousands of times and wondered ‘am I seeing a curve? Maybe a little?’ as a kid, I’d look at it a lot.’
So to answer the question Grey decided to do a little science project with the pictures and what he has come up with is truly amazing.

Calculating the curve of Lake Michigan (revised, with prettier and more pertinent pictures!)

Greg noticed something odd about the pictures.

So he employed a bunch of science to get to the bottom of this.

Thus, if you look at the slides he calculated the curve of 0.12 degrees. Applied some geometrical rules to get the 0.12 degrees for the horizon curve of Lake Michigan which appeared to be flat. The 0.12 degrees curve looked like a flat line. So, he came to this conclusion, “The answer is that a 0.12 curve is barely visible.”

People Say that the Earth is flat because they perceive Earth ‘s horizon as Flat.

According to the amazing Mr Neil deGrasse Tyson: the horizon looks flat because you’re not far enough away from what you see and the average size of a human – relative to Earth – isn’t large enough to notice any curvature at all.
It’s a fundamental fact that small sections of large-curved surfaces will always look flat to the small human beings on it.

But of course, in a free society, you absolutely should believe in what you like.

If you didn’t understand what this genius did, read this timeline of events (otherwise scroll up to see the slides):

  1. He took pictures of Lake Michigan Horizon
  2. The horizon looked pretty flat.
  3. He found the distance of the horizon from the google maps.
  4. Then he drew a circle. Kept on decreasing the arc on the circle made by 90 degrees angle to 0.12 degrees. The arc of 0.12 degrees looked nothing, as shown in the above picture.
  5. Thus, he concluded that as the human is quite small in size, that is why he can only see a 0.12 degrees arc on the horizon of Lake Michigan. This 0.12 degrees arc looks pretty flat.

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