Fix Google’s Playstore No Connection Error on Android

Sometimes when you connect your android phone through the wifi to the internet to install some applications on playstore, you get a really filthy error “No Internet Connection” as soon as you launch playstore on your smartphone. This thing is really annoying as with a working internet connection, yet you are not able to download an application or ever browse playstore at your own choice.

This error happens because of a lot of causes, but first make sure that your internet is actually working. To check that is your internet working or not on your android smartphone, open up the chrome or any default browser and open any site. If your internet is working then you must be able to visit the site. On other case, just try to fix your internet or call your ISP provider to resolve the issue. Now, if internet is really working, go to the playstore and click try again, even if after several tries you are unable to browser playstore then this means you only need to fix the issue with playstore rather than your internet.

Fix No Connection Error of Playstore:

Method #1 to fix the No connection Error:

This method, solves this problem for most of the people. Most of the times your smartphone has wrong date, either your year is incorrect, or else the time is not correct. So, if your smartphone has the wrong date set then in this case playstore will give you errors, the time will not be matched with the actual time. The solution of this problem is quite obvious, just correct the time of your smartphone and then again open the playstore this time there will be no internet connection error.

Method #2 to fix No Connection Error:

If the above method doesn’t work to solve this issue, then there is another approach. You may need to clear the cache of the Playstore, this often works and removes the No Connection error of playstore. For this you must go to the settings of your smartphone, then go to Applications. There find playstore, tap the icon of playstore and scroll down. You’ll eventually see “Clear Cache” button, even you may remove data or history of the playstore application. After resetting the application by clearing the cache and clearing the data, reluanch the playstore, and then this time there will be no error. You will be able to surf the playstore with ease.


Method #3 To Fix No Connection Issue of Playstore:

Even if the above two methods don’t work for you, then here is another method to fix the No connection issue. You may use a VPN to access the playstore, there are many VPN’s for the android. You may download hotspot from the playstore, oh I forgot your playstore is not working. You can download hotspot from the official site (Download Hotspot For Android) , after downloading just install the application and don’t forget to allow installation from unknown sources. After installing just run the application and connect the VPN. After connecting VPN just go the the playstore and refresh it, now you will be able to browse applications on playstore. Thus, resolving the error.

Method #4 to Fix No Connection Error in Playstore:

There is another fix which worked for many people. this is to remove your google account from your smartphone and then re attach your google account. For this you need to go to setting, there you can find your google account, just logout of that and then restart your smartphone and then again go to setting and add your same google account. After doing all this procedure again launch playstore and check is it working this time ? If it’s working then you have solved the problem.

remove google account android

Method #5 The last one to try:

This is the last method which you can actually try to fix this issue which I can share with you, there may be other methods available also but I am aware of these 5 methods only. You must reset your smartphone to the factory configuration if non of the above methods work out for you, and still you are facing the no connection issue when you launch playstore. I am sure resetting your phone’s setting will bring it’s behaviour to the normal. To reset your smartphone follow this procedure:

  1. Open Settings, Find the Factory Reset.
  2. That is normally in privacy, tap Factory Reset after open privacy in settings.
  3. Don’t tick format sd card also, as this will remove all of your data, just reset settings.
  4. Hit “OK” and your smartphone will restart and every setting will reset.

You are done, now just re-launch the playstore , attach your google account and see does it still gives you error ? I am sure this time it will be gone.

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  • The first solution worked very well for my wife’s Galaxy S5….Play store is fixed and connected:)….Thank you very much……

  • I have used every method but its still not working. What am i gonna do now!!! I tried changing time by setting it wrong and it did work but after 15 mins or so it was back again to no connection error.