First time survivor of Niagara Falls goes again, this time in an ‘Inflatable ball’ and dies tragically

Written by Wamiq Ali

In 2003, Kirk R. Jones became the first person to survive Niagara Falls plunge. He dived into Niagara Falls in 2003 without protection and survived. However this time he took the bold step of going over Niagara Falls again but couldn’t survive, unfortunately.

On 2 June, US coast guard found a body of a man floating in the Niagara River. They then rescued the dead body and took it out of the Lake Ontario, which connects Niagara River. After the identification process, they came to know that the body they found was of Kirk R. Jones. The same Jones who once took an unprotected plunge over Niagara Falls.

Detective Sgt Brian Nisbet confirmed the identity saying that it was the same man who once took the unprotected plunge over the Niagara Falls in 2003. It appeared that the Jones had gone to the falls again, stated Nisbet.

Investigations later revealed that Jones was probably at the falls on 19th of April. This time he was trying to take a jump off the falls in a large inflatable ball. The stunt unfortunately failed and took the life of this gentleman.

The police had earlier spotted a 10 feet ball spinning in the rapids above the falls on April 19. The ball was recovered by a maid of the mist boat and it was reported that a man could get inside this ball quite easily. The ball was unmanned in nature. Police after the investigation are of the view that Jones was using the same ball to go over the Niagara Falls again in 2017.

Kirk Jones in 2004 in front of Niagara Falls. Credits: Independent

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