Squirrel eats magic mushrooms & surely searched the woods for acorns, after getting lit!

This squirrel is pretty much high and I cannot think of any other outcome since if a full-grown human eats magic mushrooms then he gets totally stoned now you can imagine what is going to happen if a small size squirrel eats magic mushrooms surely it is going to get stoned. So this whole article is about this awkward squirrel which actually ate magic mushrooms and then acted strangely.

This hungry squirrel accidentally ate magic mushrooms and the results were dramatically strange. This stoned squirrel which got high accidentally was found in the woods by a kindly dog walker who found it in some serious trouble. At first she thought that the squirrel got attacked by some other animal but soon she realised that the squirrel was actually under some sort of influence. It is worth mentioning that the people who have taken magic mushrooms have reported various side effects but none of the cases ended up being fatal to their lives. The people report that they instantly felt hallucinations after eating magic mushrooms, so the Squirrel life wasn’t in danger.

This dog Walker recorded the video of this Squirrel and uploaded it on YouTube and only because of her we are able to see what happened to the poor animal.

So the dogs and I were walking, and we found this little guy in the park, at first, I thought he’d gotten attacked by a dog or something. He [tried] to stand up, and he [flopped] all over the place. I saw that he had something in his mouth and realised [that] the b*gger’s been munching on mushrooms. I’m not sure if those are poisonous or not, but they definitely got him in a tizzy. So I’m going to try and take him back.” – wrote the woman in the description of the video.

The woman was trying to make her dogs stay away from the Squirrel but as soon as one of her dogs came near to it the Squirrel ran away and it couldn’t make quite far before it collapsed on the ground.

Definitely, after getting high and running through woods, the squirrel would have thought about acorns, only acorns!

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