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Finance Boss Stole Huge Sum of £370k from His Firm and Bought Kittens

A boss illegally took nearly a half million dollar from his own firm in order to support his extremely luxurious life style which included buying several pedigree kittens, according to a courts report.

Matthew Farrimond, confessed to 12 counts of fraud by pretending to pay the money to charities and also one offense of money laundering.

Farrimond, 41, from Buckshaw Village, Chorley, was put behind bars for 4 years, by a Bolton Crown Court hearing.

Police told the guy had been the “biggest threat” to the firm’s financial status.

The Crown Prosecution Service told Farrimond and his partner involved in the crime had lived “way beyond their means”.

According to the police report Farrinond, who worked at the firm as a finance manager created false invoices to cover his dirty tracks. He transferred the money into his own account. He was caught red handed when two cheque stubs were found showing unplanned large payments to charities, according to the court hearing. This triggered a massive investigation which showed that the money was only added to his own account by himself.

PC Kate Riley, of GMP’s Economic Crime Section, told: “Farrimond’s role was to safeguard the financial interests of the company he worked for, but he was the biggest threat to their hard-earned funds. That he would by the means of cheating take money from the company he worked for is one thing, but he should be ashamed of the fact he hid his fraud by pretending to pay charities. – reporting credits: bbc”

This is a classic example of capping where one eats. People get greedy when they get power to exploit. This is yet another example of ‘Power corrupts’. For the sake of these idiots, these guys must have enjoyed the lavish life style because they will most certainly have one for a long time that they will be spending behind the bars.

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