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Films with female leads outperform the ones with male leads, study finds

Recently with the growing wave of feminism and with attempts emerging to make genders at par with each other, females are getting sole lead role in the movies. Wonder Woman was one such recent movie which had Gal Gadot as a lead role. Thus out of plain curiosity a study was conducted to gauge for the profits earned by the movies while keeping in view the difference in gender cast.

The study summed up the performance of movies released over the period of four years. Then the experts analysed the profits of these movies using a gender lens. The result was clear, female lead movies had earned more profits as compared to those in which met get top billing. The study included 350 top grossing movies all around the globe, the period of the chosen moves was from January 2014 to December 2017. The researchers found that films with medium and high budgets had averaged better profits when females were cast as a lead star.

This study was conducted by Creative Artists Agency along with a tech company Shift7. The study also mentioned that those films which passed Bechdel test performed in a better manner as well. For those who don’t know about this test, then Bechdel test was made by a cartoonist Alison Bechdel which rates a movie whether it features female characters having a conversation about something other than the male gender. These researchers were quite surprised to find that every movie which crossed $1 bn at the box office, easily acsed the Bechdel test.

A CAA agent participating in the study was interviewed and he told the motivation behind the research. He said that in the industry generally it is thought that the male lead films are more beneficial as compared to the female lead when it’s about profits. However, the study says and presents a different outcome. This CAA agent said that the apprehension of casting females as lead role should end after this factual case study.

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