Fifa warns broadcasters to not Zoom In Beautiful Women during Matches

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Fifa has taken a step to reduce the amount of attention which broadcasters give to the beautiful women. This new move has been made to reduce the amount of unwanted attention to the women. A lot of women don’t like getting focused on the big screen. Many people might argue that the football fans consist of women and children, the reality will soon be unveiled after Fifa has passed its warning on the broadcasters. There are men too in the audience equally excited as women.

The TV stations have been recently told by Fifa to stop focusing attractive women. This move means to reduce sexism against the women. It’s true that during the break periods the camera men preferred to show women even if they were doing nothing while looking bored. This practice had to be stymied.

The head of sustainability and diversity in Fifa appears to be favouring the changes in Fifa policy.

We’ve done it with individual broadcasters. We’ve done it with our host broadcast services. We will take action against things that are wrong – intoned the head of sustainability and diversity

In normal matches it happens all the time but particularly during the world cup period, things like focusing more women on camera become an increased trend. There were several reported incidents in which women reporters were found to be mistreated. This Fifa decision comes to help women and ends the frivolous desires of audience to watch attractive women. These issues appeared more during the last Russian hosted world cup. Some reporters also lost their Fan-ID which means that they weren’t able to enter the world cup venues.

The football male fans are not going to like this warning issued by Fifa. Obviously everyone enjoys these football matches. There are certain instances of these attractive women getting famous after the camera man decided to feature them in live feed through zoom-in and camera focus.

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