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Fidel Castro’s grandson shows off his rich and luxurious lifestyle as he travels world

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It would be safe to call the grandson of Fidel Castro as the rich kid of communism. Fidel Castro as everyone knows was a communist leader who lived till 2016. He was dubbed as a revolutionary Cuban communist leader. He governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976. He was loved by his people. Tony Castro, his grandson, has made stories on the Instagram. He is definitely one of the rich kids of communism. He shows off his wealth and luxurious lifestyle as he travels around the world. He has made a representation of his wealth using huge number of photos which he uploads on the Instagram. These photos show that he is making a good use of the wealth.

Tony Castro receives bad comments as he shows off his wealth

There are different kind of people in this world. A few people believe that showing off something in possession is a good idea as it boosts competition. Others might think opposite to it, they believe that hiding something is better than ensuing competition in people which might lead to evil. Now, what so ever is the opinions of people. surely the followers of Tony Castro like the latter group. They believe that Tony Castro is not doing a good job by showing off his lifestyle on social media. Thus, the grandson of Fidel Castro has been receiving some backlash.

The lifestyle of Tony Castro is quite hidden. It’s true that the world doesn’t know much about the personal life of Castro family. However, some news organizations and Miami Herald got a hold of the personal Instagram of Tony Castro. They managed to screenshot some photos.

Tony Castro took a flight and reached Madrid. He went there in 2017, the year was about to end and he wanted to enjoy the new year, 2018.

Tony Castro has a small number of followers, and this shows that he wants to keep his life his own personal affair.

The location of this sea is not known, but definitely it must be somewhere around Cuba. Tony Castro enjoys taking sunbath in his own yacht, shows of the luxury of boats.

The grandson fo Fidel Castro was criticized publicly after a series of luxury showing pictures were revealed on the media. This is the island where bread, food and basic amenities have become scarce.

He enjoys a drive of BMW. People were not happy with his luxury life, they believed driving BMW was a luxury which they couldn’t afford.
Grandson passes a good time on the beach of Mexico with a female acquaintance, as both are having a good time of their life.

Tony also goes for a dinner and outing with his mother, Lissete Ulloa. The Instagram account of Tony showed that he had been a regular visitor of Spain as this country maintains a good relationship with the Caribbean communist government.

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