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Feminist pouring bleach on manspreaders debunked as Russian Propaganda

Written by Logical Men

The world has moved from being bi-polar to uni-polar and America seems to maintain its position as a hegemon amidst the growing Thucydides trap suspicion. Russia is attempting to revive the days of its glory and Ukrainian crisis is one clue to its attempts. Since, 2014 the international arena saw a different Russia striving to reach USSR of the past.

Recently, editors came across a viral video in which a Russian woman was seen pouring bleach on male commuters. The video once reaching the desk of Nikolay Nikolov made her suspicious about its veracity. He advised his colleagues not to publish the video.

In the video, activist Anna Dovgalyuk was seen squirting – as she called it diluted bleach – on the men who spread their legs on public transport. Later, this video was revealed as Russian anti-feminist propaganda.

The video was debunked as Russian funded. It was shared by an English language social media channel which is owned by Kremlin-funded Russia Today. Later, when the group was approached for an interview, they declined the opportunity saying it violated the anonymity of their researchers.

The suspicion turned into a solid fact when one of the actors of the video admitted video of being plotted in nature. One of the men in the video told St. Petersburg’s based online magazine Bumaga that it was all staged. The victims were actually paid actors who were told to carry out the act of manspreaders. This revealed the Russian attempts to use viral videos in spreading hoax.

The video started featuring in Google searches on the top for keyword “Russian Manspreading Video.” Many people on the social media shared the video which was a possible bait. The EU Disinformation Site later debunked the video. The female person featured in the video is a blogger who has done similar roles in past. She has also worked for promoting serious issues like upskirt issue.

The videos of the men who worked in the video started to appear on the social media. They admitted of receiving the payments for doing to role of manspreaders. Maybe, the goal of the producers was to stir some anti-feminist sentiments in the people all around the globe.

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