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Feminist on plane considers a disabled guy to be ‘Man-spreader in Recovery’ & posts it on Twitter

Twitter sometimes becomes a good place to teach people lessons. A feminist on a plane considered a guy to be “Man spreader in recovery” and posted it on Twitter. Twitter users disliked the fact of calling a disabled person a man-spreader. So, they thought to teach her a lesson. The identities of the participants are hidden just for sake of their safety.

The tweet was made by a flight passenger and a picture of the disabled guy was also attached for the reference. The tweet was either a misunderstanding or it was an intentional mistake to make fun of the disabled guy. The misunderstanding, on the other hand, is also stupid since the guy was wearing a belt on his legs to keep them in limits, it’s not usual to think it as a man-spreader in recovery.

The tweet read, ‘Looks like the guy next to me in the plane is a man-spreader in recovery.’

There were other replies on the tweet which were of the similar nature. Someone even said, “I’ve never seen such a well-mannered guy on the plane.” Now, saying such a thing on Social Media is quite absurd on its own cos you don’t know the original reason. The very reason we are making a whole article on the incident.

Someone on twitter tried putting some sense into the creator of the original post. He shed some light on the guy in the picture, telling others that he is disabled and is suffering from epilepsy. He told her that she was literally involved in making fun of a disabled guy.

There are other women who actually didn’t like the idea of calling some disabled person like this, so they also quoted the incident into harsh words and tried correcting the original poster.

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