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Feminist calls for Father’s-Day ban cos it’s gender-offensive, goes on a twitter rant and gets roasted

Written by Wamiq Ali

Everything is now gender offensive. You name the thing and ask the opinion and people will start to color it in the name of race, color, and gender. Let’s take this feminist who went on a Twitter rant to ban the fathers-day because it’s gender specific. Well, a father and mother is an authentic status and a day dedicated to them isn’t something bad. It shouldn’t be banned.

Radical feminists are often going against father hood because they think that it’s making the status of a male individual to be more dominating. They try to push the status of the men into more inferiority with similar struggles. Good parenting is not dependant upon superiority but instead, it’s dependant upon understanding and lots of compromises. It’s quite horrible watching yourself fail as a parent.

This angry feminist called for a fathers-day ban but conservative comedian Cloyd Rivers had a perfect response for the feminist. “#FathersDay is so offensive to same-sex parents and single mothers! Stop the #Patriarchy and #BANFATHERSDAY,” as tweeted by the feminist. The tweet started to get instant attention due to the nature of the topic and the controversiality.

Rivers, on the other hand, is well known for his roasts. He had done the favor on several occasions, replying back the liberal minds and giving them a raost in return to their stupid ideas. This time he did the same and suggested the feminist ban the mothers-day as well. Because mothers-day suggest the same kind of offense to the single fathers.

“Good one. While we’re at it, let’s ban Mother’s Day, too, It’s also ‘offensive to same-sex parents’ and single fathers.” replied the Rivers to the feminist.

The idea of banning fathers-day is in itself discriminating to thousands of existing parents in the world. A radicalism which doesn’t speak for masses isn’t a necessary revolution. Feminists should ask for the rights but then to omit the rights of others isn’t the correct way.

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  • I am heartily sick of feminist and their agenda. They DO NOT speak for all women! There are still those of us that are ladies and think for ourselves. My husband deserves Fathers Day. He loves us and provides for us and has for 22 years and counting. Not only does he deserve Father’s Day but he deserves to be just as honored and pampered as I do. Feminists need to stop their babbling like they have the right to speak for all women everywhere.

  • Lets just cancel everything and leave it up to people instead, rather than creating things that we have to pay or feel compelled to observe… That way we there is no prejudice, just free will….

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