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Feminist accuses ‘English Language’ of being ‘Sexist’, gets blasted by Linguist

Written by Wamiq Ali

Several feminist movements have taken a permanent abode in the current societal structure as women are burgeoning to get their rights. Since everyone doesn’t hold a similar perspective on the topic thus often public finds itself dealing with odious arguments. One such thing happened when a Tumblr user operating on the site with handle “Feminist Chewbacca” wanted to find out the root cause of patriarchial structure seemingly prevalent in some parts of the world. The research of this woman took a hiatus in the English language.

According to her, the English language is sexist and the very basis of discrimination are rooted deeply into something of daily communication. The world today is dealing with a lot of fake news and false information which is often serving some great purpose. Thus it becomes extremely important to have a fact check before erring into spreading false information.

Images Credits: Richard Tipping

The tone and tenor of this woman in the offing of her dialogue against the English Language are quite sordid. The rogue nature of the topic in tandem with her militant argument is only making the entire outlook frivolous and odious. Talking about this particular start, “Man fabricated the idea that they are the default sex to compensate for their biological inferiority … ,” seems like a specified attack on men.

Luckily, a linguist was ready to take on the woman with sane remarks quelling her rhetoric “English language is sexist.” This linguist gave her a quick fact check which made everyone enjoy the read.

Linguist described the origin of the words and described the starting argument of the feminist as the most frequent mistake which most people make while attempting to uproot patriarchy.

Last but not the least, one good suggestion, “Never Proselytize wrong opinions which are not based on true facts and search, one must always endorse something exhibiting bedrock principle.”

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