Female sniper laughs after nearly getting head blown off by opposite side’s sniper

Written by Wamiq Ali

This video went viral when it got posted on Reddit. It happened in Raqqa city which is in Syria. ISIS has taken some hold of the city and a war is going on inside, thanks to our government that we live in peaceful times in our own country.

The female fighter is a part of Yekîneyên Parastina Jin, YPJ unit which was formed in 2013, also known as Women Protection Unit. This organisation was made to give some resistance to Syrian war elements which tried to bring war to Kurdish inhabited regions.

This female warrior missed a direct headshot by inches and after she learned what happened, instantly she started to laugh. The number of volunteer soldiers in YPJ are increasing with each passing day and people want peaceful and secure future.

A YPJ Member in her regular uniform, source: Wikimedia

The sniper in the video was found shooting rounds of ammunition but she wasn’t changing her position. The source of fire can be a cause of position detection if not dealt with care. Some comments were also of the similar view, other said that the bright blue headquarter for a sniper isn’t a good choice.

A lot of people found her hot and cute at the same time. Well, it’s time to look the close proximity of the shot which she just escaped. Inches away it was!

Inches away from blowing away her head

Then she starts to laugh over the fact that she just had missed a bullet in her head.

YPJ fighter escapes death

Watch the video and decide yourself, if you had been in her position, would you be laughing too?

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